How do I Enroll Staff?

Enrolling staff using the enrollment wizard is quick and simple to use and using this online method, your requests are processed much faster and with more accuracy.
  1. Log in to our website with your username and password.
  2. Go to "Students".
  3. Click on "Create Multiple Student Accounts and Assign Courses" icon  .
  4. Type in the details of one or more students and click "Select courses".
  5. Click the checkbox next to the course you want to enroll them in and click "enroll".
  6. If you have points in credit, it will use those points, otherwise you are directed to the order points screen where it has automatically calculated how many points you need.
  7. You can pay immediately online with a credit card, or else just choose "I'd like to receive an invoice", fill that out and then click "place order".
  8. Our online system automatically creates the students and enrolls them in the course - students will receive their user details and course information via email.
You'll receive confirmation of your order - and you can easily review any pending orders by going back to the "Place an Order" menu option and scrolling to the bottom.

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